After-sales Service

I. Within the warranty period, please note that your scooter cannot be maintained for free under the following conditions:

1. The odometer recorded in the scooter body has surpassed 2,000km;
2. Any damage caused by the installation or usage not conforming to the requirements of product manual;
3. Deleted or changed product’s ID number;
4. The products’ ID number barcode or model on the warranty card does no conform to that of the product;
5. The product is dismounted or maintained by people who are not officially authorized by our company;
6. Natural wear (including the wear of shell, handle, gearbox, tire, etc.) that does not influence product functions;
7. Product damages such as mechanical disruption, dropping, impact and serious oxidation caused by accident factors or improper usage;
8. Damages caused by overload, obstacle passing (including but not limited to step-down, fall-down, etc.), extreme sports and so on; 9. Damages caused by disassembly, transportation and loading & unloading on the way of callback;
10. Any damage caused by fire disaster, liquid soaking, freezing, earthquake and other abnormal storage conditions or force majeure; 11. The losses of packaging materials, various kinds of technical data and other quick-wear accessories;
12. Faults or damages not caused by the design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other problems of the product.

II. Our company provides paid maintenance service for faulty products in excess of warranty period.